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VR Virtual Reality Test Drives was created to give the customer a new research option to help educate and narrow down vehicle choices before purchasing a car. After spending many years managing the Internet Department for an extremely busy Car Dealership and answering tens of thousands of questions in regards to the look, feel and features, VRTestDrives.com was born to help the customer experience all different makes and models without the frustration of going into the showroom.

Over the past few years, the breakthroughs in the Virtual Reality (VR) Industry have allowed the average person, the ability to transport themselves into a completely different world while never leaving their couch. Among the many practical uses Surgeons are now using VR Technology in schools, The military uses it for flight simulation training and now many Luxury Brand Auto Manufacturers are using it to provide their customers the most authentic experiences.

The potential future of VR is extremely exciting for the Automotive industry in particular. With Virtual Reality headsets gaining popularity in households (10.1 million units in 2016 projected to double each year to 77 million units by 2020) We have more and more companies producing the most cutting edge content never before seen outside of Science Fiction novels. Pretty soon, we will have virtual car experiences that will allow us to learn the specifications of a vehicle, Test Drive in a completely interactive environment. There will even be virtual mechanics to diagnose and help fix any issues.

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